An experimental investigation has been carried out to determine the aerodynamic performance of an annular S-Shaped duct representative of that used to connect the compressor spools of aircraft gas turbine engines. For inlet conditions in which boundary layers are developed along an upstream entry length, the static pressure, shear stress and velocity distributions are presented. The data show that as a result of flow curvature, significant streamwise pressure gradients exist within the duct, with this curvature also affecting the generation and suppression of turbulence. The stagnation pressure loss within the duct is also assessed and is consistent with the measured distributions of shear stress. More engine representative conditions are provided by locating a single-stage compressor at inlet to the duct. Relative to the naturally developed inlet conditions, the flow within the duct is less likely to separate, but mixing out of the compressor blade wakes increases the measured duct loss. With both types of inlet conditions, the effect of a radial strut, such as that used for carrying loads and engine services, is also described both in terms of the static pressure distribution along the strut and its contribution to overall loss.

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