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Online Access

Online Access

Remote Access Capabilities

Federated Authentication

Shibboleth authentication is supported for the following Federations:

  • Czech Academic Identity Federation
  • France (RENATER)
  • Germany (DFN-AAI)
  • India (INFLIBNET)
  • Italy (IDEM-GARR)
  • Japan (GakuNin)
  • UK Access Management Federation

If your Federation is not listed, but is a member of eduGAIN, please contact us at about adding support for your Federation.

Affiliated Users

Authorized users may, while authenticated to The ASME Digital Collection via their institutional network, create an individual account with a unique user name (typically their e-mail address) and password. Once created, that user account is affiliated with the institution on whose network they created the account. The user can then access The ASME Digital Collection content using a mobile device or laptop by simply signing in with their user name and password. In order to ensure that a given user remains affiliated with a subscribing institution, the platform will require the user to authenticate to the website every 3 months.

Google CASA (Campus Activated Subscriber Access)

Google’s CASA (Campus Activated Subscriber Access) enables Google Scholar users to access their institution’s subscription content even when off campus. A 30 day affiliation to access subscription content is created after a user visits Google Scholar while connected to the institution’s campus network. For additional information see

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