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Just Accepted Manuscript

Research Papers June 12, 2024
General Adaptable Design and Evaluation Using Markov Processes
Research Papers June 12, 2024
Structural–parametric synthesis of single-loop 6R and 7R mechanisms using factorization of motion polynomials and its application in grippers
Research Papers June 10, 2024
Inspirational Stimuli to Support Creative Ideation for the Design of AI-powered Products
Research Papers May 27, 2024
FrameGraph: A Scalable Performance Evaluation Method for Frame Structure Designs Using Graph Neural Network
Research Papers May 21, 2024
Towards Controllable Generative Design: A Conceptual Design Generation Approach Leveraging the FBS Ontology and Large Language Models
Design Innovation Paper November 17, 2023
Design and mechanical validation of commercially viable, personalized passive prosthetic feet
Research Papers April 1, 2020
Design of a specialized tractor to replace draft animals in small farms
Announcements November 1, 2013
Special Issue 2014: Biologically-Inspired Design
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