The increasing interest in the Dynamic Tear (DT) test for use in measuring the fracture resistance of steels in both quality control and research testing, invites a comparison to the commonly used Charpy-V-notch (CVN) impact test. The DT and CVN properties of 57 steel plates of various grades are compared in this survey. The investigation covered ASTM carbon steel grades A-36, A516, A537; ASTM alloy steel grades A533-B, AB42, A43; and other steels such as HY-130, ABS-E, and a C-Mn-Cb type. Graphical and statistical correlations were established between various DT and CVN properties including upper shelf energy, fracture appearance and mid-energy transition temperatures. These features were then compared to the nil ductility temperature (NDT). Certain of the correlations appear useful enough to allow casual prediction of DT behavior from CVN testing.

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