When a permanently moored FPSO in deep draft condition finds itself in harsh weather conditions it most likely will experience freeboard exceedance at the bow and consequently green water on deck. Knowledge about how and how much water will come onto the deck, is relevant for both a turret moored and spread-moored FPSO since both are expected to experience the most severe design conditions in head to bow quartering waves.

In this paper we focus on green water phenomena observed on a Suezmax FPSO in severe head seas in the model test basin. Using an on-board video in combination with deck-mounted wave probes, green water events are recorded in detail. This provides unique insights in how the water floods onto the deck. Very different flooding phenomena are observed between different events and they can strongly deviate from a dam-breaking kind of event.

Through a detailed description of three typical flooding events, the present paper improves the understanding of how green water flows onto the deck. It highlights the benefit of detailed model tests and emphasizes that new and more detailed modelling is required since the dam-breaking theory has limited value for the present problem.

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