A new inverter-AC motor system having four power source lines, which can control each coil current independently, is compared to an ordinary inverter-AC motor system using a Y-type coil connection and three power lines. In this paper, three-phase rectangular-type currents are generated by the inverter made of simple ICs.

In a previous paper[1], similar comparison experiments were executed using a high-speed DSP board. The board can calculate the three-phase currents to generate a rotating, resultant, magnetic flux with a precise constant strength and phase. It was verified by experiments that an energy consumption of 15% can be saved by using the proposed independent, motor-coil currents. However, it requires high speed and high cost DSP or CPU.

In this paper, it is verified by using a new inverter-AC motor system that an energy consumption of 15% can be saved, and also the maximum torque increases 10%.

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