In the technologic pipeline framing of CS shop there are revealed defect sections which emerging is caused by tearing-out of pipeline support channels in their places of welding to supports. Because of it there emerged defects like cavities, fissures Russian CS pipelines are related to highly dangerous ones and there are no regulative materials for exploitation of such systems with defects. But removing of all defect places in this binding equals to its disassemblying and building of new one, this is existing defects.

With this aim there are conducted complex surveys and developed repair method, considerably increasing capacity of technologic framing without cutting of defect places. Complex measures include long-term nature measurings of stress-strain state in vicinities of defects; cyclic longevity (remaining capacity) tests of soil with defects cut from operating framework; calculation-theoretical developments patent workings-up, creation of new repair method and its approbation in CS conditions.

As results of nature and cyclic tests there are gotten factual value of stress polus on pipe and remaining capacity data. On basis of gotten results there are made static calculations on crack-resisting and load-bearing capacity of designs with defects and dynamic calculation for remaining capacity. There is developed repair method of pipeline binding, preconcerted with exploitation situation and allowing to lift framing’s reliability level up to project one.

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